Remote Access

RMM Remote Access Procedures

RMM Remote Access Procedures

  1. Open your web browser and type in the address bar
  2. If your first time on using remote access on the computer Download the Take Control Viewer (if you have already installed the Take Control Viewer skip to Step 3)
    1. Select Remote Access on the menu bar
    2. Select Download Take Control Viewer
Once download is complete, install the Take Control viewer
  1. Select Workstations (This setting covers laptops and PC’s)
  2. Select the PC you are wanting to access remotely
  3. Select Take Control
  4. In the window Promp that appears on the bottom of your PC Screen Select Open

  1. A window will open ignore it, Do not close it
  2. A window will Open and you can use the PC or Laptop as if you were on it or watch to uses to assist them with what they are doing.

  1. Once you are finished using remote access Close the previous windows by selecting the Red X
  1. If you have any questions call the support line 803-350-0500

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