Intermedia Email

Set up email client


Email clients and other apps

Outlook for PC Outlook for Mac Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, other POP/IMAP clients

Set up mobile device

Complete guide

How to connect your phone or tablet:
iPhone, iPad, Android devices,
Windows Phone or RT, Blackberry

Check individual settings for a user under ActiveSync tab from Users page

Configure domains

Set up mail flow with MX record

Receive emails on domains
that Intermedia does not host

Simplify setups with autodiscover

Automate mail client configuration,
have free-busy information in the calendar
and Out of office messages

Exchange Settings

Choose your set of settings depending on the Default Exchange server

Default Exchange server

West site

East site

Exchange server MBX082-W1-CO-1.EXCH082.serverpod.net MBX082-E1-VA-1.EXCH082.serverpod.net
Exchange proxy setting west.EXCH082.serverdata.net east.EXCH082.serverdata.net
Exchange domain EXCH082 EXCH082
Incoming mail (POP/IMAP) west.EXCH082.serverdata.net east.EXCH082.serverdata.net
Outgoing mail (SMTP) west.EXCH082.serverdata.net east.EXCH082.serverdata.net
Note: These settings are for Exchange mailboxes only. If you have POP/IMAP mailboxes on your account, click here to find settings for them. POP/IMAP mailboxes availability depends on your account plan.
Autodiscover ar-east.exch082.serverdata.net
MX records west.smtp.mx.exch082.serverdata.net, east.smtp.mx.exch082.serverdata.net
OWA https://owa.intermedia.net

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